“Explorations: Surrealism and Realism” is June 5th Gallery Hop at Artworks

Never More

“Never More” – Siegwart

“Explorations: Surrealism and Realism” opens on June 5th at ARTWORKS around town in the Centre Market as part of Wheeling’s First Friday celebration. Greg Siegwart and Sharon Lyn Stackpole are the featured artists at the event which is open to the public with the artists present as well as member artists from Artworks. The show opening will be from 5:30 through 8PM Friday night. Refreshments are served.

the Centre Market as part of Wheeling’s First Friday celebration. Greg Siegwart and Sharon Lyn Stackpole are the featured artists at the event which is open to the public with the artists present as well as member artists from Artworks. The show opening will be from 5:30 through 8PM Friday night. Refreshments are served.

“Explorations” basically is a show of surrealistic paintings. Surrealism as defined by Webster, is an attempt to portray or interpret the working of the unconscious mind as manifested in dreams. The most recognized surrealist of modern times has been Salvador Dali. His formless clock faces in THE PERSISTENCE OF MEMORY is probably the most familiar representation of surrealism to the general public.

"Living in the Now"

“Living in the Now” – Stackpole

The two artists showing their work in June both have created work much like Dali’s which represent their dreams and thoughts in art form. Sharon Lyn Stackpole studied painting and art history at WVU under the tutelage of Marian Hollinger. She has international credentials as she is an affiliated member of the Global Art Agency in London, England, and has exhibited her work in San Francisco, New York, Montreal, Barcelona, and Tokyo.

Five months ago, in January, 2015, her work was part of a charity gala benefiting Doctor Without Borders at the Bleinheim Palace in England through the Global Art Agency in London.

Her work is a means for Ms. Stackpole to express her interest in healing through expression and visual communication. Her surrealistic work combines the human elements with amorphous forms with sometimes brilliant color used to interpret the feelings of both the painter and the viewer. After all that is the goal of every artist, to have the viewer take an authentic interest in their work and actually “finish it” in their minds.

Greg Siegwart is a self-taught painter of considerable talent. His work is both in the realistic and surrealistic veins. Oil painting would have remained a hobby had it not been for a debilitating accident in 2000. After that accident, oil painting became a therapy, a vocation, and a talent to share with others. The accident also added the dimension of surrealism to his painting. A number of Greg’s surrealistic paintings are an attempt to visually explain how he feels since his accident.Greg 1

Greg is an accomplish plein aire (open air) artist in oil. That is no small feat, creating an artwork in one sitting with changing light and arrangement throughout the sitting, and in oil paint. Greg’s great-grandfather, Joshif Siegwart, a Swiss immigrant, painted and inspired Greg to paint as well. Greg loved to oil paint by age 10. Forty years later his experience with oil as a self-taught artist is phenomenal. He has been teaching at both the Stifel Fine Arts Center and at ARTWORKS around town for the past six years.

Greg has given workshops and demonstrations at The Mon Valley Art Center, Steppingstones Arts Festival, Stonewall Jackson Resort and many others venues. His commission pieces have included portraits, still lifes, wildlife, animal portraits, landscapes, fantasies, and surreal pieces.

"Making Believe"

“Making Believe” – Stackpole

Greg and Sharon are the only surreal painters in the area. Their surrealism is complex and interesting to interpret. Their surrealistic pieces always take some concentration and intellect. There are very few surrealistic painters and even fewer shows which are almost totally based on a group of surrealistic paintings. Explorations: Surrealism and Realism is a rare event and a treat for the viewer.

Her Universe

“Her Universe” – Siegwart

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Bob Sako is featured artist for May Gallery Hop



The May art show “Freehand, A Journey in Color and Dust” at ARTWORKS Around Town is featuring the almost all new pastel work of Artworks member artist, Robert (Bob) Sako. Featured in the North Gallery will be the students of Jeff Mamone from Shadyside High School in Shadyside, Ohio. The North Nook will also have new work displayed. All openings at ARTWORKS Around Town at the Centre Market, 2200 Market St, Wheeling on First Fridays are open to the public from 5:30 to 8PM. A buffet of finger foods is always part of each Artworks opening.



Robert Sako is an award winning artist in acrylic, photography, digital imagery, and drawing. His art work has been in a number of either one person shows or group exhibitions at OUE, the Mound Museum and Exhibition space in Moundsville, WV, and in Wheeling at The Wheeling Artisan Center, West Virginia Northern Community College, Oglebay Institute’s Stifel Center, and at ARTWORKS Around Town Gallery.

Sako is an Ohio Valley native from Rayland, Ohio, living and teaching in the Ohio Valley throughout his teaching career. He taught art formally for thirty years both in the Martins Ferry School District for students in grades kindergarten through eighth grade and as an adjunct instructor for West Virginia Northern Community College. He instructed college students in photography, drawing, design, and creative expression at WVNCC. He still tutors students privately at his studio in St. Clairsville.

Bob retired from formal teaching five years ago to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a full-time artist. When the opportunity to travel to Europe to paint with the Journees de Peinture group of European and American artists became possible, Sako needed a lightweight artistic medium for air travel. He decided on pastels. Pastels vary in many ways and grades of quality. Purchasing some better than “student grade” pastels he had used previously, Bob discovered that good quality pastels are much different and produce much more luscious paintings than he ever imagined. Love of a new medium began.

Below the water tower - Oglebay

Below the water tower – Oglebay

Bob has a past history of producing hard edged acrylics of bright primary colors, photographs which are almost abstract in design, and collages which combine a variety of materials that vary from religious imagery to children’s games combined in painting designs.

But with his pastels he has stuck to nature and natural subjects of organic objects such as fruits and vegetables and landscapes. His landscapes are almost dream-like with soft subtle highlights. There is a school of pastel painting which creates almost identical landscapes. Only the most trained eye can separate the artists by technique and use of color. Bob Sako is NOT one of those artists, he has gone a step further. His landscapes are far from traditional. There is always a “twist” in each painting, the one green apple in the pile of red ones, the red apple in the pile of lemons or the half hidden squash in the leaves. There are hidden roots or animals and streams barely discernible. His shading is almost invisible but lends just the right touch to highlight what needs to be seen and important in each painting.

While painting with pastels under the Blaine Bridge, Bob was approached by a woman walking her dog, who asked after looking at his work, “Did you do that freehand?” thus the name of the show. Whether you are partial to pastel paintings or not, Bob Sako’s new medium deserves a look. He handles his medium with skill and a delicate hand. His work is not of the ordinary variety and yet it is entirely relatable and has that “I’ve been there” quality that the viewer can easily imagine. Bob has always been a master of his chosen mediums, but this time he has not only mastered the medium, he has conquered it.

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Sandi Z. shines as featured artist at February Artworks Gallery Hop

Sandi 1It isn’t an uncommon story, but the outcome can be very UNCOMMON. Sandi Ziolkowski, in the past, often thought of herself as a misfit. She wasn’t happy in her corporate life, and she wasn’t happy in her profession. She felt unfulfilled. The odd twist is that she didn’t seek professional vocational help or a psychologist to find peace with her present life. This searching artist has produced another unique and fascinating show for Artworks around town at the Centre Market Gallery at 2200 Market Street for the First Friday Opening on Feb. 6, 2015, from 5:00 to 8:00PM. The show is free and open to the public. Refreshments are provided. Come see some unique items produced by an artist who is always searching to fulfill her desire to create more objects with more texture and more color and more “Sandi Z.” design.

Sandi Ziolkowski searched within herself and her heritage and found the answer withinSandi 4 the life she already was living. She wasn’t a misfit. She fit perfectly into her own family, just in a different way. Sandi comes from a lineage which includes many crafts people, not always in the arts, but people who worked with their hands in crafts as designers but not in the artistic fields. The quality of working with hands came from her ancestors. There was a rich heritage to draw from. Sandi knew that she loved color and texture. Looking for a craft that combined all these loves and interests, Sandi came upon jewelry making. And the story moves on.

Sandi 6Sandi has long been known in the local area for her jewelry. Her silver jewelry with its unusual designs and combinations with semi-precious stones, glass, leather and wood are well know and easily recognized. Still following her love of color and particularly texture, Sandi is working with her hands, expanding into the even more tactile art of pottery. Using much of the knowledge she has gained through years of working with jewelry making, Sandi has created striking pieces of pottery. Her love of texture is readily apparent as part of herSandi 5 pottery designs. Sandi has expanded her range and production of art in another medium. She is an intelligent and talented woman who has achieved success through her own search of her own personality. People who achieve creative art can sometimes be perceived as misfits. They don’t follow the usual paths, but that’s where misfits and creative artists meet and produce unusual and fascinatingly original work. Sandi’s original and fascinating work will be on display at Artworks around town as the February show in the Studio Gallery.

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The New Year Gallery Hop is “Scripted”

Sharon Hanse beautifully practices what is considered a lost and/or dying art form, CALLIGRAPHY. Her new show opens at Artworks Around Town on First Friday, January 2, 2015, at the Centre Market, 2200 Market from 5:00 to 8:00PM. The public is invited and encouraged to attend.

Sharon Hanse

Sharon Hanse

Calligraphy is the art of handwriting in varying forms or fonts. It is an ancient art form whose origins are rooted in the copying of manuscripts of the Bible and in the text written by ancients. Writing was a rare talent acquired and practiced by only a privileged few until the modern era. The average person did not write their own language until the beginning of public schools, which eventually introduced the art of “penmanship”.

Sharon Hanse’s calligraphy is incorporated into beautifully constructed works of art including her own paper marbling, illuminating, and gilding. Writing letters and words in careful fanciful script is only part of the creating of Sharon’s work. Her artwork includes quotes from the Bible and a variety of philosophies and philosophers. Each piece of work has some wonderfully designed background to add to the illustration of the carefully crafted letters. Her backgrounds and added embellishments are lovingly thought out and executed. Watercolor, acrylics, gouache, pastels, and inks are used to illuminate each piece of artwork. Art forms such as collage, etching, gilding, embossing, paper cutting, marbling and hand made paper add to the beauty of each of Sharon’s creations. Each piece of work is carefully laid out and all designs are specifically created to enhance the meaning of the works and increase the visual impact. Each of the letter styles or fonts that Sharon uses creates a particular feeling and is chosen carefully by this artist to interpret the text.

"Great Spirit"

“Great Spirit”

The craft of calligraphy requires practice over and over. Years of practice results in a flowing confidence found in Mrs. Hanse’s work. Her interest in calligraphy began in high school as it does for many of us who are fascinated with the flowing of ink onto paper and the formation of letters. Studying at Cleveland Community College and the Cleveland Art Institute renewed her interest in calligraphy at the age of 35. Then she became a banker for the next 22 years.

Since 1978 Sharon has studied a variety of lettering arts and subjects related to art of working with paper including paper marbling, papermaking, paste paper technique (a creating of permanent design on paper with pigment mixed with paste), bookmaking of all types, illuminating, and gilding. Bookmaking includes tiny few page books that can be used as Christmas ornaments to larger books that can be created as private journals all self-created. Illuminating is the embellishment of letters that are characteristic of manuscript pages beginning with a large single letter or word, highly decorated as an illustration to highlight the remaining text on the page. Think of books of the Middle Ages. Gilding is the art of using gold pigment or gold leaf in illustration work.

Using many different letter styles and art forms, Sharon began to create broadsides of poetry and quotations. This study led to participation in art fairs and exhibits. Her artwork lead to meeting her husband, fellow artist Richard Hanse. Two years later they were married and moved to Barnesville where they now reside with their two cats.

"Connected" - Chief Seattle

“Connected” – Chief Seattle

Sharon gives workshops through Artworks and other art centers, which are highly constructive (and fun) for both adults and children. Participants often take her same workshops over and over because the finished products are beautiful, fun to create, practical to use in other art forms, and unusual.

Calligraphy is a satisfying and beautiful art form rarely seen in large amounts or displayed for the public as it will be for this opening at Artworks on January 2, 2015. This is a rare opportunity to see and appreciate a rare art form.

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New Members Show comes to ARTWORKS in December

What do a lawyer, a computer/math professor and a potter all have in common? They are all artist members of ARTWORKS around town at the Centre Market in Wheeling. They are this year’s new members and an exhibit of their marvelous artworks will be opening on Dec. 5th in the Studio Gallery of Artworks from 5:00 to 8PM. As always the public is invited to this free gallery hop at the Centre Market, 2200 Market Street. In the North Gallery will be the work of Martins Ferry Elementary and Middle Schools.


Janet Sheehan has always been an artist. As a young child and teenage, she dabbled in art, taking some classes but never taking art seriously until her youngest son left “the nest”. Now Janet is a watercolor teacher at Artworks. She has developed proficiency in watercolor with the guidance of Janet Rodriguez, the former watercolor instructor at Artworks, and local watercolorist, Bill Rettig.


Honored this year with a merit award in the West Virginia Watercolor Society’s show, Janet is always exploring and adding to her artistic knowledge in drawing as well. Yes, she is a lawyer and graduate of Duquesne University and West Virginia University and has been a hearing lawyer for 26 years but her artistic career has become a wonderful addition to all her other skills.


Paul Latos has been a potter since being introduced to the skill at Brooke High School. Further study at Glenville State and WVU added to his skill with the completion of a Master in Fine Arts. Starting his career as a potter in rural WV, Paul quickly progressed from his two car garage studio to a newly built facility to now residing in a three story building in historic North Wheeling. Along with his working studio, he has a first floor showroom of his work, which has been sold in numerous galleries across the country. He has exhibited at the Renwick Gallery in DC and the Greenbrier Resort in White Sulfur Springs.


Pottery produced in the Linn Pottery Studio has been collected by art patrons in Canada, Japan, China, Korea, Ireland and across the US. He has been honored by receiving both the Best of West Virginia Award from Gov. Gaston Caperton and the Top Producer Award by Tamarack in Beckley, WV. His utilitarian stoneware, elegant porcelain and specialty works of low fired earthenware will be on display at this new members opening.


Then there is the computer science/mathematics professor who has always been interested in art. Margaret Gerosh has been taking a variety of classes at Artworks and the Stifel Art Center and now private lessons with Mark Fleming in acrylic and oil. Using many of her memories from her numerous trips all over the world, Meg has created new and fresh works of art. For a college graduate who started out with a degree in French, Meg has certainly strayed far from all her academic roots.


Meg is a member of the Independent Artists Group, which meets to do figure drawing at the Stifel Center. Along with her lessons from various local teachers, Meg believes she has developed some of her art from her study of computer graphics and what can be done artistically with computers. Meg’s work is not computer-like or abstract or even geometric. Her paintings are lovely recreations of many of her adventures in a varied life far from her Akron, Ohio roots.


Anyone who views this exhibit of New Members at Artworks will be treated to an interesting and arresting exhibit of beautifully crafted work by dedicated artists who are following a love of creating their own beauty in this work.

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Small Business Saturday – November 29th

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