Pittsburgh Pastel Artists League – First Live Gallery Hop in Over a Year at ARTWORKS around town

Betsy Cox, exhibit creator at ARTWORKS around town is pleased to  announce the Gallery will host its first Hop in over a year on April 9, 2021.  Ushering in this “new normal” chapter is the opening of a spectacular array of paintings presented by the Pittsburgh Pastel Artists League (PPAL).  A free reception will take place from 5:30 until 8 p.m. and will require the wearing of masks and social distancing to comply with current pandemic guidelines set forth by the state of West Virginia.

“Pure Pigment” is the title of the show that will run from April 2 until May 26 in the Studio Gallery of ARTWORKS.  PPAL was founded in 2002.  Their press release states the group “is a member supported art organization dedicated to pastel artists and to the promotion, understanding and enjoyment of the medium of soft pastels.”  Pastels are produced and sold as either, soft, medium or hard.  Soft pastels provide a wide array of possibilities that produce dramatic paintings in vivid colors.  Eric Dye, member of ARTWORKS and PPAL explains,“Pastels are sticks of pure pigment made from the same minerals as oil and acrylic paints.  Since pastels are a dry medium and aren’t mixed like those mediums, pastel painters must have a rainbow of colors at their disposal.” Soft pastels are produced by dozens of manufacturers, some  made by hand and come in hundreds of different colors.

Members of  the group come from all over the tri-state area and range from the internationally known professional to those new to the medium.  Quarterly meetings in many different locations as well as newsletters, workshops, classes, exhibits and group excursions are just some of the many activities of this energetic group.  Anyone interested in joining the PPAL is welcome to join and enjoy all member benefits.  Dues have been suspended for the 2021 year because of Covid.  Access more information from their member-supported website, www.ppal-artists.com .

The exhibit is a  great place to get your Mother’s Day or Easter gift.   Framed originals, prints and notecards will be for sale during the entire show.  In addition to Eric Dye,  participating members include; Sandra Beitsinger, Cindy Berceli, Cynthia Gilberti, Diane Grguras, Nanette Hought, Gina Judy, Renee’ Keil, Jan Pini, Marian Sallade and Patricia Young.

ARTWORKS around town is a nonprofit, charitable and educational organization that operates a Gallery and Art Center for the benefit of the artists and general public of the region.  Located in Wheeling’s Historic Centre Market, hours are Monday-Saturday from 10 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. except for Fridays when closing is at 6.  Anyone interested in becoming a member, go to the website  artworksaroundtown.com for information and an application.

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