Karen Catlett and Members Memories of Winter

As we look outside our windows these days, we are well aware winter is still with us.  Snow scenes also abound inside on the panels at the north end of ARTWORKS around town.  This month, members of the Gallery are presenting their favorite winter paintings.  Snow is one of the most difficult things to render in any medium and the members of ARTWORKS have done a beautiful job in oil, pastel, acrylic and watercolor.

January provides an excellent opportunity to visit the Gallery now that shopping pressure for the holidays is over and there is more time to browse.  Karen Catlett’s stunning watercolors are in place for the entire month in the Studio Gallery.  If you missed them in December, you still have a chance to view and buy them.  Karen’s work is sought after by collectors, both nationally and locally.  She has captured nature with detail and color masterfully rendered.

Members of ARTWORKS have given us a varied array of beautifully painted and photographed scenes.  Many of the artists have work displayed on the walls of the student section including, Larry Travis, Sandy Hadsell, Janet Sheehan and Eric Dye among others.  Visit the Gallery daily six days a week from 10 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. to see a stunning collection of unique pieces of artwork, photography, prints ready for framing, ceramics, knitted items, note cards, greeting cards and jewelry.

Located in Wheeling’s historic Centre Market, ARTWORKS is a nonprofit, charitable and educational organization that operates a Gallery and Art Center for the benefit of the artists and general public of the region.  Artists wishing to join ARTWORKS may find information and an application at the Gallery’s website:  artworksaroundtown.com .

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