Sandi Z. shines as featured artist at February Artworks Gallery Hop

Sandi 1It isn’t an uncommon story, but the outcome can be very UNCOMMON. Sandi Ziolkowski, in the past, often thought of herself as a misfit. She wasn’t happy in her corporate life, and she wasn’t happy in her profession. She felt unfulfilled. The odd twist is that she didn’t seek professional vocational help or a psychologist to find peace with her present life. This searching artist has produced another unique and fascinating show for Artworks around town at the Centre Market Gallery at 2200 Market Street for the First Friday Opening on Feb. 6, 2015, from 5:00 to 8:00PM. The show is free and open to the public. Refreshments are provided. Come see some unique items produced by an artist who is always searching to fulfill her desire to create more objects with more texture and more color and more “Sandi Z.” design.

Sandi Ziolkowski searched within herself and her heritage and found the answer withinSandi 4 the life she already was living. She wasn’t a misfit. She fit perfectly into her own family, just in a different way. Sandi comes from a lineage which includes many crafts people, not always in the arts, but people who worked with their hands in crafts as designers but not in the artistic fields. The quality of working with hands came from her ancestors. There was a rich heritage to draw from. Sandi knew that she loved color and texture. Looking for a craft that combined all these loves and interests, Sandi came upon jewelry making. And the story moves on.

Sandi 6Sandi has long been known in the local area for her jewelry. Her silver jewelry with its unusual designs and combinations with semi-precious stones, glass, leather and wood are well know and easily recognized. Still following her love of color and particularly texture, Sandi is working with her hands, expanding into the even more tactile art of pottery. Using much of the knowledge she has gained through years of working with jewelry making, Sandi has created striking pieces of pottery. Her love of texture is readily apparent as part of herSandi 5 pottery designs. Sandi has expanded her range and production of art in another medium. She is an intelligent and talented woman who has achieved success through her own search of her own personality. People who achieve creative art can sometimes be perceived as misfits. They don’t follow the usual paths, but that’s where misfits and creative artists meet and produce unusual and fascinatingly original work. Sandi’s original and fascinating work will be on display at Artworks around town as the February show in the Studio Gallery.

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