“Fantasies and Frights” at ARTWORKS

October 2nd will usher in three new shows and a new look to the traditional opening reception at ARTWORKS around town.  In the Studio Gallery, Amanda Carney and Andrew Bartsch will display their work while The Student Gallery will feature creations by participants in Wheeling’s NAMI organization.

The Gallery hop is taking on a new form and a new day, with a free reception on Saturday, October 2nd from 11 am until 2 pm.  Light refreshments will be served and everyone is welcome to stop by and meet the artists.

“Fast Awake” – Amanda Carney

Amanda Carney holds an interdisciplinary degree from West Liberty University and is owner and operator of The Cats Paw Art Studio, LLC.  Her entire life has been devoted to studying and living art.  She has never worked outside the field.

“My work is myself”.  She describes her creations as being “bright, colorful and joyous in its presentation but also sad, morbid and irreverent in its subjects.”   Most of the works in this show are portraits of cartoonish, feminine figures existing in a surreal state of emotion or lack thereof.  Carney works primarily in gouache paint but uses other mediums such as watercolor pencil and ink.  Recently, she has returned to digital art making she enjoyed when she was younger.

“Doctor Sam” – Andy Bartsch

Sharing the Studio Gallery is Andy Bartsch.  He describes himself as “an illustrator specializing in comic book style art.”  His work has never been in a gallery before and ARTWORKS is pleased to be giving him this opportunity.  Bartsch’s inspiration comes from classic hero and super villain comics, graphic novels, science fiction as well as “the difficulties and absurdities of modern life”.  He accepts commission work.

The Student side of the north end will host works by NAMI clients.  Patti Neic is coordinator.  The organization offers help and support for any adult living with a mental health condition or experiencing the signs and symptoms of a mental illness.ARTWORKS around town is a nonprofit charitable and educational Gallery and Art Center.  Hours are 10 am until 5:30 pm Monday through Saturday except Friday when closing is at 6.  To take part in the various ongoing and special workshops or to join ARTWORKS go to the website: artworksaroundtown.com.

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